We are two days into living in NJ again – yikes! When I (Donna) left 23 years ago for Colorado, I never imagined I’d be back, let alone with a husband, three kids and as a retired Air Force fighter pilot turned pastor’s wife!!

Since the beginning of August, Donna and all three girls drove from NY to NJ. Donna, Gwendi and Zoe then flew to NM for two weeks to pack the house. Slick and Matti joined them ten days later to help with the packers and the drive from NM to NJ. We all piled into the truck, with Chili our faithful mutt, to traverse TX, AR, MO, IL, IN, OH and PA en route to NJ. Why the “S” shaped path? Because we visited a handful of family and friends along the way, making it a terrific trip. In all those moving parts, we have clearly felt the hand of God.

In the myriad of “spitballs”* that we’ve experienced recently, the Lord has given us grace with each other and the ability to recognize Satan’s meddling for what it is. It confirms that the enemy is not happy and thus we are heartened! We are also fortified by how God has helped Slick (now called “Pastor Rich” seeing as “Pastor Slick” is just wrong – lol!) to connect with the people here at Washington Valley Chapel in Morristown, NJ. Many have stopped by and truly blessed us by preparing the house and yard in countless ways and providing many things all the way from grass seed to groceries.

The Lord has clearly responded to so many of your prayers and out of necessity we request you keep them going as we move through this last phase of transition to actually living here and serving the church as a family. Please pray that we would be sensitive to where God is working and make wise choices to join Him there, that He would continue to supply us grace for each other and that He would clearly guide our decisions with folks related to Camp and our future involvement there. And of course, that we’d get the house and life here settled in supernatural time and totally uneventfully J.

Please do let us know how we can be praying for you as well!


*Spitballs are relatively minor annoyances that seem to accumulate at times. If we look from a perspective of the Kingdom’s advance, it seems like the enemy is peppering us with little spitballs to distract or discourage us, or to trip us up and slow progress.

Crossing the Mississippi River via ferry!

Traveling across the country is hard work!