Only God can connect a group of people as quickly as the women’s Bible study has connected. Over time, I’ve become convinced that to have a vibrant relationship with Jesus requires at least one time in a person’s life of significant brokenness. And we definitely have that in our little group of women who meet on Wednesdays. Whether for that or other reasons, it’s been amazing to see them begin to encourage one another in such real and deep ways during the few weeks we have met so far. Only in the family of God…

Both Slick (Pastor Rich) and I have been immensely humbled by the outpouring of encouragement and practical support of the members of Washington Valley Chapel not only for us, but also for the church and its family. Though the numbers are small, the effort and commitment the folks put in is impressive. In some ways it is a very healthy church and definitely a testament to the work God has done in their hearts that they give so freely of their time, talent and treasure to often thankless Kingdom work behind the scenes.

For the most part, kids grow so slowly it’s hard to see them actually change, but along with Gwendi’s pants that were suddenly 2 inches too short yesterday, Zoe has begun spontaneously asking how she can help around the house, and actually did the dishes one day without being asked! It’s refreshing to see God working in them as well. And we even see God clearly working in me as His peace surrounds the days I’ve spent being with Matti and Zoe on their field trips instead of moving the painting and unpacking forward. Now THAT is all a God-thing!

However, even with all the good evident in this church body, there are still some very deep hurts that need healing and it is for that which we would appreciate your prayers. God is the Healer and Comforter, but please ask with us for His insight as we seek to be His hands and feet in those endeavors. Thank you for joining us before the throne and please let us know how we can lift you up as well.

Cows, pigs and horses. What else would anyone see in Washington DC?? (That’s Grandma with the girls.)