Over time, the fresh excitement of new beginnings wears away to expose deeper and more lingering challenges. We have definitely begun to battle some of those, but are even more deeply encouraged when we reflect on how God’s hand has been moving.

On a typical Sunday we have about 50-60 folks come to worship, but last Friday night more than 25 youth came to a “Coffee House” at the church with intentional discussion about God and worldviews. And we have been blessed to experience His presence here in North America as He responds to His people when they pray: 12-year-old Zach found his phone just after praying last night, and is now convinced that it was God who helped him find it in the dark on the grass! God is good.

On our home front, we were able to go on a date for the first time in a while – to a banquet given by the local women’s resource center, First Choice, and praise God with them for the 700+ babies last year who were allowed to be born as a result of the center’s work. If that weren’t enough, the dinner raised almost $500k for future efforts among young women and even in public high schools in north and central Jersey. God is very good!

Would you join us especially this month in prayer for the youth, that God’s truth would take root in their hearts and minds; and for the Bible studies to experience the fellowship of the Spirit and encouragement of the Word. THANK YOU for walking this path with us. Please let us know how we can be praying for you. God is so very good to us all!

Sleeping Beauty, a butterfly ballerina, Peter Pan and their mother the cow – lol!