"Peace," the text read. N__’s mind had been running wild as she prepared for bed. She doubted that she could sleep. Suddenly her phone received that text. Though it was from a friend who probably sent it off-handedly, N__ thanked God for the deep sense of Peace that settled into her heart, and remained through a sounds and refreshing night of sleep.

On the home front, after much deliberation and prayer, Donna queried about writing an article for Christian Camp and Conference Association (CCCA)’s magazine. In a sense, she was asking God if now was the time to write. The first reply was a polite "no," as expected. But the second email explained a glitch they had just run into, "perhaps providentially," and asked not only if she could write an article, but if she could write it quickly for the next issue. So as we cautiously move forward, we’d appreciate your prayer for us to only follow, not run ahead.

And finally, we much appreciate all who can stand beside us before the throne during the next week or two, as Rich coordinates and directs many events following the passing of two well-respected and well-loved long-time members of our church. One had been in hospice for months; the other was a sudden heart attack and remains a shock to many. We ask the God would comfort, unify and heal as only He can.

Thank you for walking with us on this road. Please let us know how we can share your burdens as well. Let us praise God for all He’s done in the last year and be on the watch for where He’s working in this new year!

Ginni and Donna take a meander down memory lane when we played Christmas duets as kids on various instruments. Never knew Ginni could play clarinet that well!

The girls sport their new socks. The came this way!