Thankfully, April Fool’s day was eclipsed by Easter, an egg hunt, breakfast at church, Grandma’s help decorating the Easter bunny cake and her company for lunch. The girls had a long list of tricks to play on Mommy and Daddy, but the list was mercifully misplaced or forgotten in the activity of everything elseā€¦and our twelfth anniversary.

Twelve years that have literally flown by. They have taken us from Korea to New Mexico, South Carolina, all over the US, to France, Kenya, Germany, Palau, Japan, back to New Mexico and now to New Jersey. They’ve seen us move from Air Force work to parachurch ministry to language study to missionary flying to contractor work with the Air Force and now to pastoring a church. And we are wondering if it will stop?

We praise God for a major breakthrough in one family in the church and continue to hold them before the throne as they walk a difficult road. We praise God also for significant positive progress in Life Night’s fellowship and teaching, and in our worship service. Would you join us in requesting God’s continual movement in those as well?

On the home front, we celebrate with Zoe for winning the Bible Bee (like a spelling bee, but on the Bible) for the whole school, including three grades older than her! As we walked into the school to pick them up, the administrator told us we needed to have more kids because the staff so much enjoy the girls. Even while we vehemently disagreed, we silently thanked God for such beautiful, sweet, smart kiddos.

We find ourselves incredibly thankful for all of His many blessings…is there something you are thankful for that you would like to share? Thank you so much for continuing with us on the journey!

A four-footed Gwendi at "Kid’s Kingdom" between snow storms.