After a friend introduced her to Jesus, a tiny woman from India walked up the street bundled tightly against a bitter March wind. She kept walking past the end of the street – and right into our church. In the weeks that followed, she shared her story and asked to be baptized. This first Sunday in May we will fulfill her request and rejoice with her! Elsewhere at the church, Wednesday Bible Studies and Life Night have continued to deepen relationships, grow knowledge and encourage the folks who make space in their busy schedules to come. We thank God for how this has set the stage for a renewed commitment to church life. Please join in our thanksgiving, along with the associated plea, that God would continue to instruct and change hearts, to draw us deeper into relationship with Him and thereby move us to be more willing to commit and serve.

Rich (Slick) has continued to be present in the local train station during the morning rush hour – but this month someone finally and bravely stepped forward to accept the offer of prayer. His life is a “train wreck” of crisis despite his best efforts to hold it all together. And his greatest concern? His estranged wife and his 10-year-old. Would you, too, ask God to intervene demonstratively in this man’s broken life?

And finally, on the home front, Grandpa Douglass flew in from Minnesota and Grandma Kohout hosted a wonderful birthday dinner for Matti’s big 6 years old celebration. A pink ballerina lemon cake and pink ESV Bible all her own, along with a few gifts, completed her day, though she attempted to retain her center-of-attention status for several more days :). Thankfully she has also begun reading her new Bible with a passion.

Thank you for joining the journey with us, and please let us know how we might partner with you in both prayer and praise – His love is abundant and amazing!

The life-sized Noah’s Ark in Kentucky is REALLY BIG!

Pink ballerina cake?! We definitely have girls!