The other track. Rick Warren once wrote that life is like railroad tracks, with joy and wonder unfolding on one track while sorrow and tragedy parallel it along the other. Highs and low come less like a trail winding through hills and valleys than like railroad tracks, beside each other all the way.

We are celebrating: a month ago we were wondering if we would have to cancel the 9Marks Conference ( we are organizing for the Mid-Atlantic region as we only had 15 registrations. Yesterday sign ups passed 100 and are still going! This crowd from NY, NJ, DE and PA is coming to learn about the distinguishing characteristics of a healthy church ā€“ something quite rare in today’s Christianity. We are also praising God for providing housing for a family desperately in need of it. Jehovah Jireh ā€“ He is our provider!

As Henry Blackaby recommends, we search out where God is working so that we might join Him there. Sadly, this month it has been revealed where God is not working. Therefore, we grieve deeply and pray earnestly for sheep who are about to be without a shepherd. And as we search for the lesson God would have us learn from this experience, we also seek the next step for our family. Your prayers for these people, and for our discernment are much appreciated!

As always, please let us know how we can be praying for you over the next month. It is an honor to join you before the throne.

Blast from the past. Donna (in blue) and her family a few years back J

Sisters hanging out on the front porch.