"We pray for you on Tuesdays!" Matti called out as the Kellonds arrived at our house. Kid will sure keep you honest! We appreciated encouraging and being encouraged during their brief visit, despite the swim meet and kids’ triathlon that punctuated it. They shared how God has repeatedly provided so that hundreds of girls might be protected from sex trafficking in the various countries where Remember Nhu works. Kerry works mostly with Cambodia and Mark coordinates short term missions trips with groups from the US. We can link you up with him if you know any interested groups!

The week at Cedarbrook Camp in Pennsylvania also showed God’s hand at work in the lives of several girls who began a relationship with Jesus and others who grew in personal and spiritual dimensions. As staff (Slick in the kitchen, Donna as a counselor supervisor), we also had a front row seat to see God’s provision of all the various positions necessary to run a camp, and to meet the folks who responded to His prompting and stepped up, often to find camp far more demanding – and fun! – than they’d dreamed!

Finally, it seems that God has something more for us to learn with respect to waiting on His timing. We still are not certain whether we will go next to Italy, to Japan, or to somewhere else that we don’t know about yet – and our household goods shipped last week. We thank God daily for our family, especially in light of the heartache we see around us, yet we long to know our next step and be able to move toward it. Will you ask with us for wisdom, discernment and favor with the necessary people, as well as for the same for close friends who are facing difficult and dangerous medical and family situations?

Another area we’d appreciate your company in prayer for is Donna’s extended family, as they move through a time of grief at the loss of Donna’s cousin Jenifer whose cancer was only discovered a few months ago. It has been quite a shock as Jen was only in her fifties, a fellow triathlete and marathoner, and passionate outdoorswoman. Would you join us in praying for both temporal and eternal healing of the family’s hearts?

Please let us know how we can stand beside you in prayer as well!

Visiting our neighbors, which happens to be a "living historical farm" and one of the big things to see in the area. the farmhouse was built by Paul Revere’s grandson (the girls are on the porch), but the pigs were the favorite. Well, the cow who licked Zoe and me also ranked right up there, too.