And so, we waited on the Lord through most of August. Our house was packed and in storage at a warehouse awaiting further direction. The visa process blocked our progress toward Italy as it seems that the entire country takes vacation in the month of August. A surprisingly detail of the hiring process blocked progress with F-35’s under Lockheed Martin. And our deadline to move out of the parsonage slipped by while we explored amazing Alaska following cousin Jen’s memorial who had just lost her few months battle with cancer. Good to see Alaska and family, though the occasion was anything but welcome.

Yet since our decision to go back to the job offer from a few months ago, we have met with what seems to be God’s approval: even with rooms packed by the impending airshow, the base allowed us a 2BR apartment for a month; someone we know from our last time here is in the US for the month and lent us a Subaru Forester until we find our own vehicle and all the travels have been entirely uneventful if not downright enjoyable. We even took the girls to Tokyo Disney for two days to help switch time zones before the last leg of the journey. It is good to sense even the slightest confirmation that we are where God wanted us, especially after a particularly ambiguous month of August!

Please join us in praying not only for the myriad details that come with such a move, but also for us to recognize where He is working here in remote northern Japan and to join Him in wherever He would allow us to serve. How might we be praying with you, too?