“Today, seventeen years ago a plane crashed into the World Trade Center…” Ack! I thought. Was it already seventeen years ago that, less than three miles from here, I sat in a Bible study with three other gals when a phone call cued us to go online and look at the pictures of the WTC. We saw the shot of the plane poised to hit the second tower then the connection was lost, overwhelmed by people desperate for more details.

At that time I was thankful Dad had retired from United Airlines the year before so I didn’t have to worry about him being the pilot! Now, 17 years later, I ran a memorial 5k hosted by the Navy here at Misawa in northern Japan to commemorate our fallen brothers and sisters. That run and similar opportunities, along with Chapel events have enabled us to meet people and begin some friendships through which we can explore where God is working in this part of the world. He is definitely working, of that we are convinced as there is ample enemy activity that has taken its toll on the once vibrant ministries here. But the positive side is that there is lots of work ahead and we appreciate the opportunity to come alongside those who are leading to help them however we can.

Thank you for praying for our transition and the details. Many decisions and moving parts still lay ahead which we would greatly appreciate being facilitated by your prayers, among them a home, the continued transition to homeschooling and where to invest ourselves during our time here. Let us know how we can also be walking beside you in prayer.

We stayed overnight in a treehouse!