New Years found us making intimate acquaintance with many porcelain fixtures as we passed the 24-hour stomach bug among our entire family. We even included Grandma, but despite the time of trial, we thanked God that it was not gifted upon anyone else we visited over Christmas.

We are also thankful to receive Grandpa Douglass into our home for a time. And thankful yet again for a home where we are able to do that comfortably, though he is still getting accustomed to the noise level of 3 granddaughters and a puppy!

And lastly, bookended by two long drives, we enjoyed the blessing of two phenomenal days of skiing in Durango, CO where even Gwendi slid somewhat gracefully top to bottom and Zoe began to copy Mommy skiing backward. Since Donna helps Gwendi, she sometimes leaves her poles on the hill awaiting Gwendi’s departure and nap later in the day. This time, someone else decided they needed them so they were gone when she went to pick them up. But God redeemed even this – the following morning staff let Slick pick a pair of poles from the lost and found, but it wasn’t until later in the drive home that we discovered they were the exact right length, though Slick hadn’t even checked. God cares about details.

On the work front, our prayer is still for patience and clear guidance as we continue to wait on Slick’s clearance to learn the F35 in preparation for return to Japan. We would greatly appreciate your partnership in this request. How might we raise up your needs to the Savior? He cares even about the little details.

Always loved the Colorado Blue sky – like nowhere else!

Three sisters in Monument Valley, both in the foreground and the background. And the new puppy Hachi.