"I love you," "No, I love you!" "No, I love you!" And so it went most of the way to Gwendi’s preschool on our bikes with Hachi running beside. Precious arguments with a four-year-old over who loves who more!

All the girls would argue that they love Grandpa the most and we will miss him as he heads back to MN and his familiar cold and snow. He has been a tremendous blessing and we are sad to see him go! Please join us is covering his travels and resettlement in the cold, dark north with prayer.

While Daddy has suddenly become much busier, we do appreciate his clearance coming through so that he can complete his training. He will finish close to the end of the school year so we plan to stay in Phoenix until then, then drive back to NJ. We’d like the girls to attend a camp in eastern PA similar to the one we so loved in upstate NY before we join Slick in Japan. And Mommy is being considered to work there for the summer.

So again, we covet your prayers for patience and clear guidance as we continue to meander down this twisty road called life. We would love to settle somewhere, and neither of us feels Japan is it…yet we know that we are all sojourners here on earth…

Sadly, the earthly sojourn of Donna’s aunt, who’d lived with us in Morristown, NJ for some time, ended in mid February. Would you join us in asking God to work in this sensitive time of mourning for Aunt Dorothy? Few of those who appreciated and loved this amazing horse-woman knew Jesus… (Read more about Dorothy here.)

How might we join you in the requests of your heart?

Donna and Gwendi ride to school on a brisk, beautiful Phoenix morning.

Aunt Dorothy reads to Matti and Zoe a few years back. Kids are kids at the darndest times!