All of life ebbs and flows, this past weekend reached the pinnacle of our time here in Phoenix in the form of a visit from old friends. Read more of the amazing miracle God is working in their life on Donna’s blog.

We’ve been asking for prayers for clear guidance and direction, and this month is crunch time, so we covet those prayers even more than normal! Please also pray for those who’ll be watching our girls as we do a visioning visit mid-month. After that we’ll be able to say where we appear to be headed next! Maybe Japan, maybe not… Maybe Japan then the mission field again somewhere…

On the home front, however, Slick has been deeply encouraged by some of the interviews he’s had en route to finishing his doctoral research and beginning the writing phase. He would greatly appreciate your petitions that his investment of time would be of eternal value in helping the missionary community move through the support raising phase and get to the field more efficiently. He also praises God for giving him the skills to excel on his F-35 simulator checkride (like a test in an airplane simulator).

Donna’s praise comes from the more frivolous joy of sharing triathlon with the girls, this time starting down a water slide into the pool! And sharing the Masters Swim National meet with a friend from New Mexico. Thank you for supporting us in prayer and please let us know how we can return the favor. We continue to lift up those who have shared – and thank you for letting us help carry those burdens!

Boynton Canyon, Sedona, AZ – a 7 mile round trip what we all enjoyed hiking, even 4-year-old Gwendi, our littlest, and 8-month-old Hachi, our Aussie puppy.