Looking back at last month’s update, it cannot be clearer that God responds when you pray. We asked that you "undergird our many travels and Slick’s house hunting by joining us in prayer for safety, expedience and opportunities to serve those with whom we interact." Though not entirely as planned, we uneventfully traversed ten states from Arizona to New Jersey, thoroughly enjoying a crowd of friends and family on the way. The following week, Slick and Hachi arrived safely in Japan and have found a good house already. Donna (after winning her age group in a local triathlon) settled into camp with the girls where she has an endless opportunity to serve. Slick has also begun serving and encouraging several ministries in Misawa Air Base.

Though he would always prefer vocational ministry, Slick counts it a huge blessing to work with humble and considerate Japanese fighter pilots instead of their far more colorful US counterparts. Would you join us in asking for opportunities to build relationships with them through which Jesus might be shared? The Gospel tends to make very slow progress in Japan; culture opposes it in many ways, so we have a unique opportunity with this job.

Please also pray for good rest, supernatural energy, insight and compassion for Donna as she seeks to serve, primarily supporting the counselors at the Camp Mt Gilead in eastern PA. It is an exhausting job! But amazingly rewarding, especially when God clearly works in people’s hearts and in situations to meet people just where they are. For instance, Donna was able to entrust her archery class to the assistant so that she could wait for a camper who had just had a deep conversation with her counselor and needed some time to think. When she returned to the path where Donna waited, she asked what she had to do to ask Jesus into her life. After a brief explanation, the girl shyly said, "I just did." Praise God!

Thank you for walking this journey with us. Please let us know how we can uphold you in prayer as well!

A chance to give Mom an extra special treat – to stand behind home plate at Yankee field and be treated to a game as a military veteran’s guest. The picture posted on the big screen was an extra benefit – lol!