"Adultery is the process of becoming and adult." "What is bathtisum?" (aka, baptism!) Those remain my favorite quotes of the summer at camp. And my favorite moments were conversations where we really dug into things as widely varied as: how can we be sure the Bible is true? will my dog be in heaven? will God always remember my sins? election or free will? can I lose my salvation?

God clearly sustained Donna as she poured out on people from dawn to beyond dusk each day on an average of five hours of sleep – not something Donna could ever do on her own! He also sustained a team of amazing, godly counselors, mature beyond their years, through late nights, early morning, tough questions and situations of all sorts – running the gamut of exhausting to inspiring on all levels. Each week God worked through these young women to transform scared new campers into happy cabin families, able to share intimate thoughts, fears and feelings, and in some cases, even becoming new, baby believers.

Meanwhile, on the west side of the Pacific in northern Japan, God was answering your prayers to speed Slick’s time away from the girls by involving him not only in productive relationship-building at work, but also in various supporting roles at the base chapel. One family more or less adopted him, and God’s brought several young men across his path for instruction and encouragement.

As Donna and the girls crossed the ocean to join Slick, they felt like Elijah after Mt Carmel, napping and eating well by turns on the 24 hour journey, and even getting to visit Grandma Kohout and Grandpa Douglass along the way! It was the perfect healing balm for sleep-deprived weeks at camp and preparation for reunion.

As we rejoin and reform as a whole family, will you join us in interceding for a smooth transition to family-hood and ministry in Misawa, as well as a speedy moving process into our new home? Please pray that people would experience God, not Slick or Donna as we lead a gap year group, mentor several men on base (Slick!), and assist with the women’s ministry (Donna!). How might we walk beside you on your sojourn here on earth?

Zoe in her happy place – on a horse. In this case, Justin.

Some the counselors Donna worked with, dressed up for an evening occasion.