As if after a long summer hike through a dusty desert, a young gal sat at the library table with me, tangibly thirsty for God’s Word. Not for a book that talked about the Bible, but for Scripture itself. It made my spine tingle! Please pray for K as we meet weekly now. We are beginning a 6-week journey through the entire Bible – and she has some great insights and questions. So encouraging to witness God’s work in a heart!

We’d love to report that all of life is so inspiring, but as is usually the case, while a "high" unfolds, a "low" parallels it on the railroad tracks of life. Sadly the women’s ministry here has all but ceased due to a complicated situation. Please pray with us for clear guidance for the chaplains as well as the balance God desires for us between truth and grace.

Back on the other rail, Slick’s instruction and professionalism has received high praise from all levels of the Japanese Air Self Defense Force (JASDF) with whom he works. While he’s deeply grateful to be enabled to do all as unto Christ, we continue to pray for opportunities to shine the light of the Gospel into this very polite but dark country.

It almost seems a reward for excelling at work, but God has afforded Slick some unexpected free time to finish his dissertation, pending final reviews. Now we simply ask that he’d be able to defend it later this year and officially become a Dr.

On the lighter side, we thank God for our family reaching a long-time goal. With Gwen able to get on and off ski lifts with either parent and roughly keeping up with everyone else, it is a frivolous but welcome blessing to be able to enjoy skiing together at last. We are also thankful for a bit more clarity on direction for us, though continued prayer on that front is always appreciated!

Please let us know how we can be lifting you up before Him who sits on the Throne.

Taking advantage of roads closed due to snow. Believe it or not, there is very little snow this year compared to normal! And yes, Zoe is pulling the stroller and all three munkins are cross country skiing!