Each month we seek to encourage you with a glimpse of God’s working in our corner of the world, wherever that may be. But secretly a part of us feels like we spotlight mere shades of blue and green when elsewhere God covers the landscape with rainbows of living color. So this month, be encouraged by the tale of another ex-missionary pilot and his wife, a nurse, in Kenya who are dear friends of ours.

Even as they sneak up through their 70’s, V and G battle on the frontlines daily. With no natural children, they embody fulfillment of God’s command to a culture where a barren woman was a disgrace: "’Sing, O barren one, who did not bear; break forth into singing and cry aloud…For the children of the desolate one will be more than the children of her who is married,’ says the LORD."* V and G have over 100 twenty-somethings who call them “Mom” and “Dad” – children of faith whom they have introduced to Jesus despite real persecution, both from people hostile to the Gospel and from the church itself.

Here are some snippets from the last few months: Shortly after lunch I heard the call, “Dad! Dad! Come!” Two of our daughters (both from AMWR**) were sharing the Gospel through Facebook to an individual in one of the most closed countries on earth. It’s a country mentioned in the Bible, and a lady was ready to accept Christ! These two daughters invited me to be part of it….Wow! Every time I get to that point and their answer is YES, I rejoice! I feel goose-pimples, and tears usually come to my eyes! In fact, tears are coming to my eyes now as I write about it…

Yesterday, two times, a lady stayed after one of the Bible studies and accepted Christ. After the last Bible study, a man out of AMWR** closed in prayer like this: “Lord, I never thought I would see so many from my country come out of that other religion to know Jesus Christ and receive His salvation and joy!”

The day before this we suspect both G’s and my computers were hacked… Attacks from this source have happened at least twice before… Recently, two of our kids on two different occasions were attacked and needed to see a doctor to dress the wounds. Another has been threatened with a gun to stop helping us. Another was abducted and beaten and questioned about why they brought the missionary into their area. We had to pay ransom money for their release. Another has been harassed by phone calls and had to ask the police for protection.

Despite all this, V and G hold 5+ Bible studies per week with 200+ in attendance, many from countries, religions and families openly hostile to Jesus. For many of them, to follow Jesus means paying a real and high cost. Yet they do, with gusto. So be encouraged – God is on the move, even today!

Please help us refine the aim of our prayer arrows for you. Also, please let us know if you want to come alongside the work God is doing through V and G and become part of their stories by supporting them financially and/or in prayer??

* Isaiah 54:1

**AMWR – Another Major World Religion, about which it is dangerous to email/post online

A snow squall over the Pacific Ocean, take from cross country skis as we slid along the beach. Can’t do that just anywhere in the world!