In direct response to your prayers of last month, the spitballs ceased and blessings began. When Slick coordinated for the truck to be registered, he sent countless emails and phone calls but never seemed able to answer all their questions. Finally he thought he had the temporary registration on its way to Atlanta to meet up with the truck. When it arrived, however, it turns out they sent regular tags and a discounted full year of registration! Continuing in the auto vein, he took his car here in Japan to a shabby-looking body shop. But when they returned it to him, not only was the crack on his bumper expertly fixed, but the check engine light which had been plaguing us for months was off!

Meanwhile, on the home front, despite the cast on her arm, Matti found a way to bike with us when we drop Gwen off at her Japanese preschool: she squished onto Gwen’s old bike attached via Trail Gator to mine. Consequently, us four girls have enjoyed many cool spring mornings together on two wheels each, meandering along the streets’ wide shoulders. On the very first of those days, her first day back after two months off, Gwen bumped into a friend as we arrived and the two of them ran hand-in-hand, giggling up the school’s walkway. It warmed and comforted her mother’s heart.

If that weren’t enough, Slick has received the call to pastor a church in Wyoming! He’s been able to Zoom, FaceTime and Skype with many of the church folks to get know them from 14,000 miles away. He even “v-preached” (preaching via virtual means) the Sunday on which we had hoped to candidate. God is not only good, He is also a Wiz with technology!

While we are grateful to know the next step, we would love for you to join us in praising God for the clarity and direction He’s given and in asking Him to reveal to us the timing of the many details that still need to happen between now and our arrival in back in the States. Lots of moving parts and lots to consider.

And just as important, please let us know, too, how we can stand beside you before the King!

So now that we are moving, we’ve been looking at houses…

And seeing some sights. These are the Hotokegaura Cliffs on the Shimokita Penninsula, aka, "the Hatchet."