Time off from school turned into an opportunity for the girls to serve the community and to raise funds for Compassion International. Zoe and Matti began a biweekly Gazette for our neighbors and Zoe sewed eye-glasses or pencil bags. She’d prayed that God would help her sell them and in just one day at church, He raised over $50!

And as our time in Japan closes, we’ve been exploring even more: One rainy Saturday found us at Round 1, a three-floor indoor playground, arcade and sports park complete with restaurant and massage chairs for the adults. The girls loved the "bubbles" and the electric scooters best. Following that wonderful weekend was one that involved a canceled overnight at a beachfront resort and four new tires, but resulted in a much better and safer ride in our primary vehicle. As usual, we experienced God’s protection and provision far more during a challenged time. We even checked off our list the restaurant where little electric trains bring your order to your table – it was across the street from the auto repair shop. Who says God is not in the minute details of our lives?

Having moved a few times in the military, we recognize our departure’s approach. The relationships Slick’s been pouring into are coming to a close as those folks’ lives move on. The online journey through the Bible that Donna’s been leading is also ending. Meanwhile, Slick’s involvement in the Lander, WY church has been increasing and God’s been moving both men and women toward intentional discipleship with us using a program called Radical Mentorship.

Also, in preparation for Slick’s pastoring in Lander, we’ve also been able to close uneventfully on a home there (a huge praise in itself!). We’ve noticed in our travels that houses offer tremendous opportunities for blessing. In this case, closing months before we arrive not only simplifies our move, but also opened the door to providing housing for a family in temporary need of it…who are also fixing some minor issues with the house. Thank God for His working in the details – yet again!

As you join us in thanking God for all these things, and asking for His continued superintendence over this move, please let us know how we can be representing you also before the throne.

The coast of Kitayamazaki

Matti in one of the "bubbles" at Round 1 in Morioka.