Let the settling in begin again! We had asked God for His superintendence over our travels and He answered with characteristic abundance: all our travels went completely smoothly, our twenty bags and boxes arrived intact and with us and even Hachi our dog proved to be a great traveler. If that weren’t enough, four drivers in black suits and white gloves whisked us across Tokyo in style, the airline’s club spoiled us with snacks and showers as we awaited our flight and the US customs agent just waived us through despite the banana we accidentally brought from the plane (oops!). Many humble thanks for God for all of that!

But as we approached Lander, WY, the spitballs* intensified. As Slick (now Rich again) passed through Nebraska in the U-Haul with our stuff from NJ, the trailer carrying the van got a flat. Then our house in SC flooded in the storm that passed through. In the next week that flood, combined with the tenants’ departure inspection brought to light a slew of issues, from minor cleaning to major roof and floor repairs.

On the flip side, Rich has found very fruitful work here at the foot of the Wind River Mountain Range. Conversations about the church and the Lord abound and ministry meetings have gone exceptionally well so far. Though we clearly are under the protection of the Monday morning ladies’ prayer team, we would very much appreciate your continued intersession for us to integrate and lead as God desires.

Specifically, we ask that our Elder’s Retreat help prepare our team for the challenges to come, that we might connect in a meaningful way with each of the men and women who have stepped into the year-long discipleship program called Radical Mentorship and for gobs of grace with each other as we figure out living and schooling here.

But always we wish to bring your wants and desires to the King – how can we pray for you too?

*Little annoyances sent by an enemy that show his displeasure. While not fun, they do confirm that someone doesn’t like our progress, and therefore, that we just might be pleasing the One that matters.

One last yaki niku meal before departure.


More pictures can be found on our FLICKR page, though I haven’t uploaded the latest yet. https://www.flickr.com/photos/donnadouglass/albums