Our home doubled in size last weekend when two thirds of its residents departed for their own new home. The 11 Wilhelms took with them more appreciation than we were able to express for paving the way for our landing here in Lander. Our prayers go with them as they settle for the winter into their third temporary home this year before building their "real" home next spring.

As God responded to your prayers of last month, fun and fellowship during our initial retreat with the elders and their wives mixed with deep affirmation and encouragement of the team God has formed here. Building on that foundation, Slick / Rich is excited about the big-picture direction of the church’s ministry in general. Stepping in closer, we see that direction being borne out in intentional mentorship pairs cropping up around the church. We have been also able to connect with a number of couples involved in the year-long Radical Mentorship program, which we mentioned last month.

Thank you for joining us before the throne in support of all of this and ask that you’d continue, that God might work in the hearts and minds of those who are meeting to know and experience Him more deeply. We’d also appreciate if you’d lay the groundwork of prayer for some endeavors on the horizons, like unpacking (our stuff arrived yesterday) and a triathlon the church wants to host next summer.

In the spare moment behind all this, Donna’s study of the Bible continues to inch forward, both online and toward being in print. To learn more, consider joining her mailing list (you can unsubscribe at any time).

Please let us know how we can walk with spiritual journey together by agreeing with you in prayer. Surveying all we have to be thankful for, we wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving (a little early!).

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