In has been said that in God’s army only wounded soldiers can serve. One broken collar bone, one strained ankle, one broken rib struggling to heal and a torn labrum in one shoulder…I suppose we are eligible to serve. And there we were, cross country skiing. One child in the ski-stroller, one child holding on the stroller and one skiing on far ahead of us. And then we went up the run called Eternity Hill. Why am I surprised when people look at us funny? Nevertheless we are enjoying Wyoming.

But somehow I don’t think Brennan Manning meant only physically wounded soldiers could serve. And thankfully God has been generous in allowing us to witness His work and to serve ever so slightly in it this past month.

As another local pastor and his wife wrapped up their ministry here, God drew from some of our wounding experiences to comfort and encourage them as they moved on. Please pray with us both for their next steps, and that the amazing facility they are leaving might continue to be used as a ministry tool, with its rock climbing gym, café/recreation room, child care area and massive indoor play areas.

We’ve also been able to strengthen the bonds between us and three other local churches in effort to move the Church (the worldwide body of believers) here closer to the Kingdom. Please join us asking that the churches here might continue to come together to serve this community and those who visit, drawn perhaps by such craziness as a triathlon series we are beginning to plan, among other things.

Rich has also been invited to disciple the 11 FCA leaders here in WY, so we covet prayers for wisdom there as well as with the many discussions and counseling sessions that spring from several challenged marriages, a new young adults ministry and a new vision for moving forward in the new year. Speaking of moving forward, we are also praising God for two weddings, two new members joining our church family and three baptisms. God has been generous!

How may we support you by bowing before the throne together as 2021 begins? We wish you a wonderful New Year and look forward to seeing more of what God has in store.

Full moon skiing.

Such a conglomeration of cultures!!

we are getting closer…