Last year the kids skied so fast it scared us. This year they meander back and forth…like molasses! After Rich set Donna and Zoe free to feel the wind in their helmets on the steeps at Keystone, CO, he sat down to watch the younger two drift like lazy leaves along the slope. As their helmets slowly shrank into dots, the Spirit prompted Rich to look to the mountains, enjoy the view and pray. Frustration morphed into thanksgiving.

Back "home" in the evenings, the girls rushed to the pond for ice skating with all the energy of youth as we basked in our friends’ amazing hospitality. No moose sightings, unfortunately, but great dinners made by many hands.

Back home in Wyoming, Monday evenings in January saw a Zoom systematic theology class starting up with the church’s pastoral intern teaching. Thursday mornings now find some men meeting for an early Bible study. And navigating some intricate situations is serving to grow and solidify the elder team and church leadership so that we’ll be even better prepared for whatever comes around the next bend in the road. Thank you for praying for wisdom – God’s been generous.

We do ask continued prayer for discernment and guidance as we walk through the many, varied situations and relationships that comprise the Church and our local church, with all its ministries and community groups. Specifically, we ask that God guide two big projects that Donna’s working with: the resurrection of a once-popular triathlon in Lander as a service of the church to the community at large, and publishing a Bible study workbook as part of an educational ministry of sorts. We’d love your help with this, as God leads. Find our more here.

Let us know how we might walk with you along your journey as well! We’d love to know how we might sharpen the aim of our prayer arrows for you, as we know some of you also navigate complicated waters.

Working together at Beaver Creek Cross Country Ski Area. Enjoying winter!