The railroad tracks* continue, sometimes spread wide apart. Thank you for your prayers: on one side, the Holy Spirit has lead several families to move toward church attendance and others toward membership. We praise God for them even as we’d ask you to join us in praying that the truth of God’s Word and this situation would be manifest for those on the other railroad track who are struggling right now.

Back on the happy track, many folks in the church are stepping up to study and learn. “I haven’t studied this hard since college” has been heard from some who prep weekly for their sermon-based community groups. Also overheard: “My spouse and I are having such great discussions about this stuff!” And eight folks have stepped up to get weekend training on relational wisdom and conflict resolution to further equip our church and community.

At home, Zoe found her niche in the middle school swim team, bettering her times almost weekly while the rest of the Douglass girls supported the diving team by running the snack bar for home meets. Set it up and watch Matti go – she is a natural! Playing with water in a different form, we got to sneak in a few days at Park City to round out the downhill ski season.

As winter gives way to spring, the church’s Sinks & Swim Virtual Triathlon (Donna’s the director) happens this month. We’d love to have your prayer-cover – and participation! It’s a virtual event anyone can do in their hometown. If not you, maybe a couple friends?

We so appreciate your traveling these tracks with us. Please let us know how we might pray and praise with you as well!

*It’s been said that life is like railroad tracks: there are always great things going on alongside “opportunities for spiritual formation.”

The Popo Agie River (pronounced, popPOEjah) as it comes down from the Sinks through Lander, where we live.