Not that we wanted to move again, but after the decision was made, God confirmed the decision by selling the house to the neighbors without it ever having to go on the market or be shown – what a blessing!

If all good things come from above then the new car was a gift as well. While much smaller than the truck that it takes the place of, it will be much more practical on the narrow Italian roads an hour northwest of Venice, which will be our new conduits of transport. In a roundabout way, God also provided new Yakima roof rack bars that fit the wider car and a bigger cargo carrier than we expected: the seller advertised and thought he sold an 18 cubic foot Skybox but when we packed it, we discovered it was not an 18 but rather the biggest one Yakima makes, a 21 – and we used all of it. He is good.

So we appreciate your prayers for safe travels from Wyoming through Chicago and NJ then on to Venice, as well as repaired relationships where they are needed after the rigors of the past year, past years and many moves. Please let us know how we might pray with you as well.

Zoe sailing solo – too calm a day for much speed, but she’s obviously comfortable on a boat!