Burnt birthday cake is not ideal. So Zoe and I scootered from our billeting (hotel) room to the commissary (grocery store) a second time to replace the one I’d mistakenly broiled during our first venture. Raindrops from the approaching thunderstorm had grown and the space between them had shrunk. Back “home” with damp shoulders, we dined on Japanese Ramen (Zoe’s favorite dinner) and cooked our second German chocolate cake as rain gave way to hail.

Iced, decorated with 12 trick candles (it took all three girls to extinguish them!) and sung over, we cut Cake #2 only to find its bottom still raw! One can never predict the nuances of each overseas move, not even after eleven of them in as many years. Daddy enjoyed the first cake. Us girls slurped down the second. Averaged together, they were perfect!

Earlier that day we’d returned to Aviano, Italy from the Dolomites, from admiring the beauty of God’s creation, vast, deep and scenic beyond words. Clearly He is able. Just as He also smoothed all the travel from Wyoming through NJ, NY and Amsterdam and on to Italy. Please join us in asking that He would quickly bring healing and clarity where necessary, and praising Him, too, for the immensity of His creativity, character and power. Let us know, too, how we might stand beside you before the throne.

First day of school under the protection of big sister Zoe in 7th grade. Matti began 5th and Gwen 2nd.

Just out of the picture to the right is the 3 Peaks, or Tre Cime or Drei Zinnen. Huge benefit to the Dolomites and the bulk of the Alps – barely as high elevation as we were in Wyoming, which makes for plenty of air for hiking! As you look at the picture, imagine the cow bells’ constant, peaceful clanging…