Six months, three birthdays and one holiday season after arriving just north of Venice, Italy, we are finally moving into a “permanent” home this week. While saying good-bye to the town, tiny streets and trail network we’ve grown to love about our temporary housing, we’re looking forward to reuniting with our beds, books, toys and trampoline. We’d much appreciate your prayers for grace with each other, for physical strength and safety, and for healthy emotional progress – not to mention clarity to sort through house set-up – as we walk this road of “getting settled” yet one more time in the coming months!

Even as we waited for housing, the girls dove right into the local swim team. Zoe and Matti have qualified for the European US Forces Swim Championships at the end of February in every event they are eligible for. Even Gwen will get to swim there. While we encourage them to develop this God-given talent, we also seek to balance that with work in His Kingdom. Suggestions – and prayers to this end – are welcome!

Thank you for walking this journey with us and please let us know how we can join you on yours.

The lower of the two Fusine Lakes tucked into the corner of Italy just a short hike from the Austrian and Slovenian borders.