One year. If you’ve ever moved, you know. You know it takes about a year to settle to the point where people begin to know you and where you begin to know them enough to really know and be known. To appreciate and be appreciated. It’s not complete at that point, only beginning. But at least it has a beginning at about a year.

This is the second time in Zoe’s 13-year lifetime that we’ve experienced this, though ironically this time is in a military community where people are gone on trips often and nearly a fourth of them are replaced each year. Yet in the midst of all the coming and going, a couple gals have begun to meet with Donna for mentoring.

Some seem to want us to lead a small group but we’re still waiting on church leadership’s approval. Please pray for favor among that leadership as well as for patience with our “lowest position” and wisdom as we meet with various folks.

School, band and swim season are swinging back into full gear, with both Zoe and Matti playing clarinet and all three swimming. Donna chauffeurs and coaches while Rich fills in as he is able around his work schedule. God has continued to bless our family, not only in talents and opportunities, but in a slow healing from the unavoidable hurts that result from moving – and more from moving so much. Would you join us in asking for God to continue this restoration in our hearts, and for our witness to His love in each of the communities we find ourselves in?

And let us know what weighs on your heart, that we might share the burden.

A riding trip in the French Pyrenees with some WY gals: Sandi’s gift to Donna

A 28 mile bike ride downhill from Tarvisio to Venzone, 2 hours NW of Venice, on an old rail trail through tunnels and over bridges galore!

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