Happy New Year!!

Orange. Definitely orange. If you ever ski the Sellaronda in the Italian Dolomites, go in the orange direction. And don’t miss the Marmalada option!

What language am I speaking? Italy ski language. The Sellaronda is an alpine ski route that rings the Sella Peaks in northern Italy, connecting lifts and ski runs through four resorts and their associated towns. Short spurs from the loop offer incredible views of the surrounding Alps and the chance to ski Marmalada. Ski Marmalada?? How can you ski on marmalade?! The better question may be, why is a glacier was named after jelly (if you’re an English speaker)! But ski across its icy toes – that we did.

Reflecting on the past year and looking ahead, we return to how thankful we are for friends like you who meet with us at the Throne of Grace, atop of which sits our unspeakably awesome, powerful, loving yet gentle King, before whom we, too, will one day fall to our knees in awe at His majesty and splendor, face to the ground, unworthy to even gaze on His greatness. Thank you that even now, you meet with us there in spirit, despite the miles that may separate our “earth suits.”

From this King this month, we continue to ask for resolution with another family in our little body of believers (our pastor is quite patient) as well as clear guidance for our own direction. Thank you for echoing these requests with us and please let us know how we may do the same for you!

May your 2023 begin well, with a renewed sense of our Lord’s forgiving grace, loving hugs and approving smiles, in whatever form those take in your life.

On the “advanced” trail down from the best view above Alta Badia Ski Resort. Zoe has her arm raised closest to the camera. The other two girls and Rich / Slick are the dots further down the hill.

Venice, across from Piazza San Marco, with its tower, basilica and Doge’s Palace.

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