Seventeen years! On April Fools’ Day, the day we skied powder at Keystone, CO and began the return trip to Italy, we drove down out of the Rockies past Evergreen, CO where those 17 years of marriage began. I still remember meeting a couple back then who’d been married that long and thinking that was forever. It turns out that it goes pretty fast! And appears to be accelerating. Anyone else experienced that?

With the end of the “everyone swimming” season of our lives, we’ve begun to diversify into triathlon, karate, dance, band and gymnastics. All of that means that while the Douglass chauffeurs have become far busier than they prefer, the girls are beginning to flourish in their unique giftings.

It seems that the one thing they still all share is the gifting of skiing – really fast when they want. Once again we enjoyed the blessing of a week in Colorado with true friends: the kind of friends who even come ski with us on cold, windy days (that’s true friendship for those who live in mountain towns)! But the best part of all that was an answer to decades of prayer: seeing one of those friends move from knowing about God to the beginnings of knowing God.

For a variety of reasons, however, we still don’t sense we are where God would have us and would love your company in prayer that we’d perceive His direction, here or elsewhere. Let us know how we can return the favor!

Icicles at 90 degrees. Now how did that happen, the girls asked.

Skiing Keystone, looking at Breck a few ridges back, with Uncle Bob.