May 2023

On 21 May, all four of us Douglass girls will embark on a Spartan Race, an obstacle course-type race. We’ll be taking on voluntary obstacles in this race to assist others in surmounting the unavoidable obstacles the result from poverty.

According to Matti, “People in poverty face obstacles, so we are taking on obstacles to take obstacles from them.”

Can you spare $10 offer hope to those with far more challenging obstacles that we’ll ever know? More info and join us here.

Biking home from school I let the older girls go ahead while I rolled with Gwen. She wanted to play “hide the little man” so we added the restriction that we had to be able to see his hiding place. Otherwise, she likes the “virtual” version and hides him in South America or Germany. But she can’t answer our geography questions and thus he remains lost. On the last round, she hid him inside her shirt. Then she started wiggling as she rode – he was tickling her! Amazing the power of the mind!

Moving to the next child up, we shared Matti’s eleventh birthday cake filled with ice cream. It didn’t rate much for looks, but it definitely was an experience to eat, thanks to Matti’s always-fresh ideas.

While the wait for God’s direction continues (and we wonder if that IS His direction!), He’s brought a few opportunities into our lives to serve and minister to others. Donna’s Bible studies for a camp in WA are nearing completion, though we’d covet your prayers that the apparent opposition would stop until they are fully done. And that Slick would survive being a soccer mom while Donna is lost in Bible studies and lesson plans!

Recently a gal shared with us how inspired she is to see another gal’s biblical knowledge just exploding as she moves through the Navigators’ Topical Scripture Memory program. So fun to see God work in such ways!

And to see some of His handwork in a narrow canyon where we hiked a boardwalk beneath the hanging green. The park celebrates the caves of mined rock cut by man, but the park’s best part was formed by God!

Please share your burdens for prayer with us. We’d love to help carry that load, and to hear how God’s been working in your neck of the woods.

Contrast between the man-made on the left and God-made on the right, with Slick and the girls in the middle, behind the blue frame.

Looking back the way we came.