When we met (the second time) we were flying in the Air Force with the callsigns Spooky and Phantom. We saw it as one of many coincidences*. Hence, the name of this blog.

This particular blog, however, started as a series of email updates sent to folks on the “DouglassAir” prayer team, first for our time with AIM AIR, Africa Inland Mission (AIM)’s aviation arm, and later with Pacific Mission Aviation (PMA), with whom we serve as missionary aviators.

As we looked at returning to the “normal” workforce and serving in the larger Mission Field, several folks encouraged us to continue the posts, stating that they were greatly encouraged by them. So we have. Our goal is twofold: to intentionally reflect on what God has been doing so that we might “speak of the might of [His] awesome deeds” in our day…and hopefully to encourage you.

More information on Slick and Donna can be found on the Cleverly Disguised blog where we share some of our “deep thoughts”.

*We believe small miracles where God remains anonymous