"We were never meant to make it on our own," sings an old Twila Paris tune. Certainly we’ve often benefited from all of you – our extended prayer and support team. We could never being doing this without you. Case in point: during the ten days Slick was in the US, one of your teammates agreed to come help us, not only making it possible to continue our service to Palauans and local missionaries, but going well above and beyond despite the humidity, ants and gecko poop J. Please join us in praising God for Joy’s selfless service, encouragement and countless examples of how to raise godly young ladies and also for Slick safe travels and successful absorption of much info necessary for the government contract.

Many details are still in the works regarding the contract, including the start date. On our part, however, please pray today that God would bring the right US-licensed airplane mechanic at the right time to work on the Cessna 337 we will fly and maintain during the contract.

Much as we’d love to bring stunning answers to prayer regarding the church, as you know, relationships take time to heal, so again today please lift up in prayer the leaders of our church, that the Word might deeply impact their minds and actions, as well as the pastor and wife, that they may be encouraged as they fight to stay the course.

Teamwork – lunch on our porch/dining room after helping us put up the trampoline. Gene (the mechanic, far left in red) and his wife Aurora (in black) work with us at the airport. Pastor Marty (left, blue striped shirt) is the youth pastor, leaving shortly to get married in his native Philippines. CJ (right, white shirt) may come work with us as an aircraft mechanic / missionary after his training is done in a month or so. The rest are mostly church elders and their wives (and Donna and the girls).