Spitballs again. Often, even predictably when we get into ministry, spitballs1 start to pelt us and threaten to get in the way. This time the air conditioning on both cars failed just as warmer weather hit, Slick’s car incurred some other damageā€¦then Slick broke 5 ribs in a bike accident and Matti broke her arm rollerblading. As I drove home from the hospital yet again last night, the need for your prayers of protection swept over me.

So what ministry is inviting this spitball barrage? We’re not entirely sure, but Slick is on the brink of being called to pastor a church. God’s been paving the way to connect with people and groups in the church, to begin building relationships and encouraging them. Is this why God preserved him through a night at home with a partially collapsed lung before he shocked the folks at the ER with how well he was doing despite the internal damage?

Elsewhere in our world, Donna’s been appreciating the positive side of COVID-19: gals’ schedules have been clear enough for a group of them to go through the Bible with her. While it is hard to assess from afar the impact on their lives, we know they are in the Word and there is one who doesn’t like that. So would you join us in asking for God’s protection from further hail damage and continued opportunity to serve through this time?

Please let us know how we may have the honor of standing with you, too, before the throne of grace.

1Spitballs are annoying little things that steal our margins of time and energy.

Despite COVID-19 restrictions, we were able to host a virtual triathlon as a fundraiser for the Misawa Sharks Youth Swim Team that Zoe and Matti swam on this past year. Gwen and Matti did the kids’ race and Zoe finished second in the shortest adult race! Great fun was had by all!