April 2010

In the last ten states and six weeks, God has raised up 25 more prayer partner families. While not everything has gone exactly according to our plans, His amazing abundance has led us to double our original goal of three prayer partners per day – and we’re only a handful away from reaching that, too! Yet again, we’ve experienced that in his heart, a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps (Prov 16:9). Certainly He is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think (Eph 3:20)!

Zoe ponders Red Rocks just west of Las Vegas

We’ve had a headwind on nearly every leg of our journey. No joke. Either negligible wind or headwind. Sometimes 20-30 knot head winds. Even eastbound! So today the truck sounds different. Today we have a tailwind! The RPM is significantly lower and rather than struggling, the engine is purring. We stopped by the airport in Amarillo, TX, looking for a place to spend the night. They reported the wind at 25-30 knots of tailwind. Apparently we had missed the 50 knot gusts… Funny how such a little thing just eases the stress of traveling. Thank you, Lord, for tailwinds!

Hiking the Trestle Trails - I never DREAMED I'd see this much know in southern New Mexico!

A gal approached us after church on Easter Sunday and commented on how much she enjoyed seeing the love we share – watching me hold Zoe and Sandi rest his hand on my back. What a compliment!

Her friend over heard me telling someone our plans for Africa and commented that she had some money in her wallet that she was waiting to give to someone, but so far it had never “felt right”. Until now. Just sitting there in the meeting area of this little Baptist church, she hands me another huge confirmation of God’s call on us to go. And both she and her friend joined our prayer team. Praise God for yet more confirmation!

At the end of that week, Slick traveled to Florida to teach at the fifth evangelism training seminar held by Fellowship of Christian Athletes – Endurance. I drove the trailer down the big hill to Denver to meet him when he returned. As I approached the trailer to park it in our spot at the camp ground, I had a flashback to Wichita Falls, TX – the same tire had the same grease slung out from its center. Rather than call Slick, I just sent him a wordless picture text from my phone. I felt as if the angels had again transported our rolling home, preventing what could have been a very ugly accident.

The delay caused by fixing the trailer allowed both Slick and Zoe to get medical help for their colds, which had now stretched on for several weeks. But nevertheless, the end of the day found us just outside of Cisco, UT, (temptingly near Moab) where ceaseless winds unhindered by the flat, barren terrain rocked us to sleep. We had successfully made it out of Colorado, despite powerful potential excuses to stay.

Prayers for traveling mercies have been answered with a resounding “yes!” as we’ve rolled smoothly through Utah and a corner of Arizona into Las Vegas. High, snowy mountains gave way to cacti and Joshua trees as we continued south to Phoenix after visiting several friends in Nevada. In a few days, we’ll wind our way up into the desert mountains of southern New Mexico to spend some time with a supporting church and many friends from our first home together just east of White Sands National Monument.

As we sped down some interstate, I looked over to see Zoe holding up a fist at me. I was thrilled! Had anyone else done that, I’ve been threatened, but Zoe was asking me for milk – she could only manage half the sign, but it was a beautiful effort with which I gladly complied. After all those miles, it’s still the little things that turn living into life!

Slick & Zoe snowshoe up the face of Vail Mountain

Now that Slick’s flight training is done, God has gifted us with some time in our favorite state of Colorado. After a week with family high in the snow country, we descended to Colorado Springs where Donna took advantage of an Air Force program to add a multi-engine instructor rating to her flying qualifications. (How can losing half of your engines equal losing 85% of your capability?!)

In the meantime, Slick slipped out to Savannah, GA to teach an evangelism training conference for FCA-E (Fellowship of Christian Athletes – Endurance). As the group practiced compiling and sharing their testimonies and relating the Gospel message in a clear, concise, convincing manner, one man realized that he’d grown up in church, but had never responded to that message.

After a long chat with God in the parking lot, he made the decision that impacts eternity. It’s so amazing to be an audience to the direct work of God!

We’ve got our eyes open for more of God’s work as we continue our travels, returning to the support-raising trail through New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona and Oklahoma over the next month. We really appreciate your prayers for safe travels as well as for endurance for life on the road, even as you praise God with us for His work in so many people’s lives.

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Donna's dad tries on Zoe's new shades